Fresh Traditional White Turkey


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Our traditional white turkeys, are well known for their flavour, moistness and value. £9.15 per Kg

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Approx 4.5Kg, Approx 5Kg, Approx 5.5Kg, Approx 6kg, Approx 6.5Kg, Approx 7Kg, Approx 7.5Kg, Approx 8Kg, Approx 8.5Kg, Approx 9Kg, Approx 9.5Kg, Approx 10Kg, Approx 10.5Kg, Approx 11Kg, Approx 11.5Kg, Approx 12Kg, Approx 12.5Kg, Approx 13Kg, Approx 13.5Kg, Approx 14Kg

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22nd December 9am-5pm, 23rd December 7am-7pm, 24th December 7am-1pm

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